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So I've promised this for a while now and the time has come! WELCOME TO ACCIO BOOKS Accio Books is a yearly fundraiser put on by The Harry Potter Alliance. Accio Books started in 2009, and since then they have brought 350,000 books to children all over the globe. This year the HPA is working with… Continue reading ACCIO BOOKS!


Short Story Saturday: Disappearing

I know, it's been a while. Most of the reason I created this blog was to have a place to put my writing. Especially my non-fanfiction writing. I'm going to be more vigilant about getting original writing out there for y'all to read. Anyway, enjoy. I wasn't friends with Maggie, not really. We were friendly the… Continue reading Short Story Saturday: Disappearing


Short Story Saturday– Currently Untitled

The car was unbelievably quiet; just the low sound of tires on highway and Dakota's soft music, turned down so the two of them could talk over it but neither of them talking. Bridget considered reaching over and turning it up, but she didn't want to surrender. It felt like they were driving toward the… Continue reading Short Story Saturday– Currently Untitled


Short Story Saturday Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night There was something to be said about the beach at night. It didn’t look like the beach everyone knew when the sun was high in the sky. There was something mysterious about it. It seemed unexplored, different. It could almost be seen as dangerous if there was a new moon. Everything about this… Continue reading Short Story Saturday Bonfire Night