A New Feature and, hopefully, a discussion


Since the end of NaNoWriMo wrapped up, I haven’t been writing as much I wanted to so after discussing it briefly with my advisors (My Friend Jen) I have decided to start a regular blog feature where I talk about my writing to try to keep me more accountable.

There has been a bit of wrench thrown into my writing because for whatever reason my work blocked Google Docs which was my main way to get my work back and forth between computers. Now I have to email my work back and forth, and it’s annoying.

With my story, I’m getting close to the end of the first draft. I think there are about 10K words before I reach where I want to end this book. If anyone is interested in discussing the loose timeline of December 1778 as it relates to the aides-de-camp of General George Washington, I’ll get into it.

As I gear up to end this thing and start the second–hopefully better– draft, I’m diving headfirst into real tangible research. As I mentioned Wednesday in my WWW Wednesday post, I’m going to start reading an actual biography of John Laurens. I have read some of the letters he wrote to his father while he was serving as an aide-de-camp, but I think this biography will help mold the characterization a little better. I probably should have done this first, but to be fair, Wikipedia is a fantastic resource that sited the book I’m reading over Christmas and the New Year. I think for the first draft the Wikipedia timeline was “good enough” but if I really want to be serious about this, I should probably actually study it. I’m also planning on listening to a book about Valley Forge. I will probably also get this is print later so I can highlight things.

What I want to do with this section of my blog is talk about the struggles and triumphs of my writing process. Although she denies it I feel like I put too much of the emotions of my creative process on my personal advisor (my best friend Jen). So I’m here to share the emotions of my creative process with the whole internet instead! Perhaps as I work on it, I’ll share parts of the story but most of all I want to talk about writing this book. I believe in it and I think it has potential. I just have to get the words on the page and see where it takes me.

If you have read this far, thank you for being my friend, but also if you have any recommendations for books I should read about the American Revolution, particularly around Valley Forge, please let me know. I have a few books on deck about other figured featured in my book including Lafayette, which I really look forward to reading because everything I read about him is more and more wild.

This is probably going to be a weekly or biweekly feature for 2020. So buckle in if you like reading blog posts about writing historical fiction novels!

Until next time Internet,


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