A Statement


I wanted to talk a moment to talk about what’s happening in the world on my little platform. I don’t think the world really needs the voice of an unimportant cis white woman right now, which is why I haven’t been active on social media over the last few weeks.

I stand with the protesters, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the trans community. I am doing my best to listen and learn and understand how I can help and putting my money where I can to support the causes.

I am doing my best absorb what’s happening and watching the protests and listening to what everyone is saying. I retweet things when I feel it’s important for me to do so, but I’m also stepping back and letting people who need to speak talk. There are far, far more important things going on than sharing Instagram photos of my cats or talking about myself on twitter. So I’m being quiet until I’m needed. That said, I am avalible to talk, you can comment here, or follow me on twitter (@decoolz) my DMs are open if you need to talk to someone even if that someone is a complete stranger.

I am also a volunteer for the Harry Potter Alliance, and I love working with them. I love the friends I have made and I’ve learned so much about activism and how to be a better person because I work for them.That said, what the author of the books have said on the internet in that few days is awful. What’s worse is see how much my friends are hurting because of it.

I know there is nothing I can say to make any of this better. So I’m not going to.

Here are the ways to help Black Lives Matter

The HPA has a wonderful twitter thread going around with a list of places to donate and support black and trans people.

Daniel Radcliffe’s statement on the Trevor Project

Kacen Callender wrote a really great op-ed in Them. about Harry Potter

I think all I can really do is listen, donate, and read books about people different than me. I’m going to link a list of books by trans and non-binary authors for people to read.

Stay safe everyone.


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