Quarantine week 308, I think.


How are y’all doing?

If you told me a year ago I’d get to spend two months at home reading and watching Netflix, I would have cheered. That would have been my dream. I have been studying my home life to stay in my room and read books all day. But not that it’s happening. I just want to frolic in the woods.

I miss going to the office. I mean, a year ago I hated my office, so it will be different but I really like my new job so it’s strange. I’m still training but I’m getting very good at the one thing I know how to do.

In other things, the Harry Potter Alliance has been keeping me busy, and I’m so grateful. The HPA is holding this really great social distancing con. We’ve done really cool stuff like reading sprints, a zine making class and a fun live stream for Fred and George Weasely’s birthday. We have more stuff happening next week! If you’re interested in seeing what we’re up to or want something to do, check out the list of events here: bit.ly/smallthingscon.

I haven’t been very “productive” thus far in my home isolation. I want to clean more but all I’ve done is clean one corner of my room. I need to clear one side of my closet and I just haven’t. I also haven’t finished a single book, which makes me feel like an enormous failure.

However, I listen to Maureen Johnson and Dan Sinker’s podcast Says Who and this week they were discussing “doing enough.” They talked about how there is no bar of productivity and getting up every day and just doing what you’re required to do is enough. Moving from a bed to a chair is enough. I do want to finish my books though.

As for writing, it’s been one month since I finished writing the first draft of my Laurens/Hamilton book! I’ve joined a writers group on discord, which is an interesting experience. Some people who have never read anything I’ve written and I, in fact, don’t know at all will be reading an updated version of the first chapter of the book. So *screams into the void* It’s stressful.

In unimportant news, I got this message on Facebook, which, truth be told, is a dream come true.


Anyway, this whole thing is a lot and I hope you’re doing alright. If you’re feeling isolated and need someone to talk to, you can message me on twitter (@decoolz). Please take care of yourself.

Until next time Internet,


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