NaNo Wrap Up!

I did it! I’m a 6-time NaNoWritMo winner!

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Before writing this, I did combine all the documents into one document so I don’t know the exact word count I ended with, but it was about 55 thousand words. The current word count on the big word doc is 138,578 which is total words since February, and about 6000 of my NaNo words didn’t make it to the big doc because they were bad and I would have just deleted them if it wasn’t November. 😊

Overall, I’m really happy with what I’ve come away with story-wise. What I wrote needs a lot of work, but there’s the start of something good there. I’m really happy with what I wrote when it comes to the two battles I covered, and I think I have a good handle on what the last leg of this journey will be. I’m not sure I can finish the first draft this month, but I will have it done by February. I want to have the big edits done by June/July and start seeing if this is good enough to be published by the end of the summer. I think I have story people may want to read. I’m writing it because to my knowledge it doesn’t exist out there already.

This is the paragraph I crossed the 50K line with. Of what I wrote in November, I’m proudest of this. I think it’s pretty good.

John nodded in agreement. Something had to happen to Lee. It wasn’t that he didn’t follow orders. It was that after he’d said he didn’t think he should take the lead at Monmouth; he changed his mind at the eleventh hour because of the number of men who would be under his command. It was that he didn’t follow instructions to hold the line. It was that he turned tail when things got a little hard and left so many men with no direction to die on a blood-soaked grass. It didn’t matter that one of the men shot was the son of the President because there were so many more men that actually died who were sons of farmers and mill workers, booksellers and merchants. Fathers of toddlers who would now get to grow up without him in their life. They were brothers to siblings who considered that soldier their best friend and confidant. Mothers didn’t have their little boys to hold against their chests. One thousand men died in that field; one thousand men whose blood now stains the hands of a General didn’t deserve the title.

Anyway, I’m quite pleased with how NaNoWriMo treated me this year. I hope anyone else participating reached their goals or at least made progress on their work!

How was your NaNo? Let me know! I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time Internet,


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