NaNoWriMo Update


I planned to write this update on Friday, but I was sick, so it didn’t really happen. Therefore, I’m updating today. Expect to see NaNo Updates on the 15th, 22nd, and 29th, from me as well as a wrap up post the first week of December. (This, honestly is more for me than you, reader of this blog, because if I tell the Internet I have to do it. You can’t lie on the Internet, that’s illegal.)


It’s November, and that means all your writer friends are writing vague facebook statuses about how they are dying while they try to write 50 thousand words in 30 days.

For me, the 1667 words a day doesn’t seem like a monumental task, but I know it is for some people. I understand my experiences are not universal. 1667 words a day feels way more doable and I think that’s the best way to look at the task of NaNoWriMo rather than the big number at the end. The words add up and add up very quickly.

This is my current graph. I’ve been trending about a day ahead for most of the month. I’ve only had one day where I wrote less than 1000 words. (I haven’t written anything today.)


My current word total is: 18,798. So I’m doing pretty good. I’m hoping to have a couple of really good 3,000 word days to get me some padding because I  have some work stuff I have to do, and I can’t just not do my jobs because NaNoWriMo.

If you’ve been following this blog for any period of time, you know that project I’m working on. I’ve been calling it THE THING, but I labeled the notebook I’m writing in “To See Our Glory” which I’m pretty sure is copyright infringement considering it’s a story about Alexander Hamilton and John Laurens, but I’ll worry about the title later (shrug emoji). The story is basically telling a love story in the middle of the American Revolution. I’m trying to create a story that involves the horror of war with falling in love and what it would mean in 1778 for these two people to fall in love. I think it’s working. I like it.

Last week I wrote about a mission General Washington sent Lafayette on while they were all still living at Valley Forge, from what I can tell Laurens and Hamilton weren’t actually on this mission, but it’s boring to have them stay at camp and then Lafayette goes on a mission, and I’m writing it so I can have them go if I want. The story is told in 3rd person, but I’m focusing the story on John Laurens, so I can’t just write about the battle and not send John there. The real battle was pretty interesting if you want to read about it. I’ll stick a link at the end of this blog post.

Here is a short excerpt of what I wrote this week, it takes place in the middle of that battle and basically everyone was supposed to be super quiet for a minute and someone stepped on a stick and almost blew it and this happened.

After the last of them were out of sight, Lafayette slowly climbed into the road, Poor, Varnum, Alexander and John quickly joined him.

“Find whoever made that noise and behead him,” Lafayette said seriously.

“I think we should not do that,” Hamilton said.

“Was it you? Did you almost get all of us killed?” Lafayette rounded on his heels to stare down Alexander. The five inches of height differential never more prominent. His right hand clenched around the hilt of the sword strapped to his hip. “I do not care how good friends we are, my sword is sharp, and I will do it. I will do it right in front of God and everyone.”

Hamilton held his hands in front of him and slowly backed up. “All I’m saying is let’s not behead people like we’re the Tudors. We’ve grown as a society in the last two-hundred years. And I was on the other side of the road.”

“Let’s not murder our friends,” Poor said. He stepped between Alexander and Lafayette. “The mission is going exactly to plan, right? Let’s focus on that. It was a tense couple of minutes, but nothing happened. Take a breath. Let’s not murder Alexander. I’m sure someone will be extremely upset. And how are you going to explain it to General Washington?”

“Right!” Hamilton nodded. “Think of how mad General Washington will be!”

John rolled his eyes and Lafayette finally stood down; the tension eased.

This week, after a very brief part where they aren’t shooting at Red Coats, I’ll be writing the Battle of Monmouth!

Have you been following this blog for a year and got weird deja vu? It’s because this time last year I was also writing the same battle for my NaNo project, but I started rewriting this whole thing in February, and it just happened this way.  Some things are going to be similar but I’ve changed the character timeline and put the historical timeline where it should be so it’s shaping up to be a much better story all around. I think I’m kind of bias though.

Are you doing NaNoWriMo this year? How’s it going. I think I’m going to try to write a tips for NaNo post at some point this month mixed it with my updates. We’ll see how it goes.

Here is the link to the Wikipedia article on the battle of Barren Hill:


Until next time Internet, keep writing, I’m proud of you,


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