Let’s Talk about… rebranding and how great my best friend Jen is.

I started this blog in 2017 with a vision and very few ideas about what I was doing. In 2019, I wanted this blog to have a little bit of a brand. Get a look, have a style that was mine.

This is where my best friend Jen comes in. 

Jen does a bunch of things. She listens to me talk endlessly about Alexander Hamilton, which is a full-time job in and of itself because I’m annoying. She’s also an accountant, has a neat side hustle, and does calligraphy and makes graphics. So I recruited her to help me with my images for my blog so I can have a “brand” and uniformed look.

She created the new header image for my blog and the new featured images I’ll be using for most of my posts. All of them feature the same background image and general design. I love them. She created a bunch of different ones for me to choose to from. Below is the design I chose. I’ll be playing with themes and colors for a bit until I find the perfect thing. Having a piece to build around makes me feel like I kind of know what I’m doing.


Jen also does calligraphy lettering on physical objects. Below is a sample of her work from Instagram. She’s created those neat boards that parents have kids hold on the first and last day of school and other things like these coasters that I love. (You can check out more on her Instagram which is linked at the end of this post.)


I may be biased but I think Jen is incredibly amazing and I want to share her talent with others who might be looking for a little something extra to help them stand out, or something special for their home. Jen is a wonderfully optimistic person with an outlook on everything that I greatly admire. She’s a ray of sunshine and remarkably talented.

My blog isn’t an original idea, there are literally hundreds of book blogs that review mostly YA and occasionally posts their own writings, but with Jen’s help maybe I can stand out a little and create something special.

I’m going to leave Jen’s social media accounts below if you’re interested in her work. I highly recommend you check her out.

Personal Instagram —  JennyEileen Designs Instagam Facebook

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