What comes after winning NaNoWriMo?

To everyone who participated NaNoWriMo this November, congratulations. To those still working on that last few hundred words, you got this, there’s plenty of time, keep writing. Whether your goal was the 50K or 500 words, you’re awesome, and I’m proud of you for attempting the task. In the words of the Prophet Chuck: Writing is Hard.

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I was able to reach 50K on Tuesday Night, it was not an easy journey. I mean, I was able to get words on the page, but my I strongly feel like I lost the story about 1/3 of the way through and stopped writing in chronological order. I am not the kind of writer that writes out of order. I have a really good idea of what points A, B, C, & D are but I like to write to get to each of those things.  This November I wrote point points C, D, & E without much of the in between.

In this post, I’m going to talk about how I’m going to fix this, partly because I want to share my writing process, but also because if I tell the internet, I’m better at keeping my writing promises to myself.

In my NaNo novel, I have three main characters: Penny, Dakota, and Bridget. During November, I somehow lost these girls personalities. Each of them had their own voice, but as I forced myself to put at least 1667 words in my word document every day, Dakota and Bridget’s voices started to combine, and I could see it happening and I was too afraid to go back to fix it because I was worried that once I edited a little I would only edit and not create. Before I wrote the part of the story I was writing in November, I broke Bridget’s arm at a pre-hockey season party. Through my 50K Bridget’s arm is both healed and in a cast. My timeline is all messed up.

NaNoWriMo is extremely stressful for me because it forces me to write outside of my comfort zone, but that’s also the greatness that is NaNo. It makes us writers do that thing that is usually so hard for us to actually do most of the time, sit and write.

What comes next is a lot of editing, I love the story I’m writing, I want to finish it and fix the timeline into something workable. I have a lot of work to do, and I’m looking forward to it.

Another super hard part of NaNo for me is getting an idea in the middle of the month and having it poke at me until I start to write it down. I have been able to get this thing out, everything I’ve written since I hit my 50K has been this new thing that I have no idea what it is yet, but it’s flowing and who am I to stop it. Is this the start of something new or a sleep-deprived fever dream story? We’ll see, although I’m leaning toward the second one.

November is a hard month, with the time change and it getting dark at 2:15pm in the northern hemisphere, add to that the added stress of NaNo November is a great and terrible month that I look forward to every year.

So here’s to you NaNoWriMo winner, I’ll have a glass of carbonated lemonade in your honor.

Until next time Internet,


3 thoughts on “What comes after winning NaNoWriMo?

  1. Congratulations on the win! I completely agree that NaNo is the most stressful thing to do, but getting the words on the page are so worth it. I’m just over 1500 words left until 50k (which I should be doing instead of reading blogs!) I also feel like I lost my main character’s voice this month, I’m hoping I am wrong when I go back to edit, but I’m not entirely sure. But that’s what editings for! Good luck with your edits! 🙂

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