A brief announcement.

So Saturday, which is tomorrow, is the start of Gishwhes. If you don’t know what Gishwhes is, it’s a weird week long colorative art project that I sign up to do willingly and stress myself out to the point of literal exhaustion and start to hate one of my favorite actors and then proclaim again and again that it’s the best week of the year. 

Because of that, I won’t be as active as I usually am (meaning I won’t be on WordPress from a week, like at all).

I have few things queued up for the week so I will be posting. Monday is Calendar Girls day. I always love Calendar Girls posting day. I have my post written already. I will, however, not be participating in the fun as it happens.  It is because of Calendar Girls Day that I create this message.

I’m not the kind of blog that gets a lot of traffic and excitement, but I know there are a few people who I talk to here, and just want everyone to know that I’m not ghosting, I will get back to you on the 14th.

If you are Gishing too, let me know I love Gish friends!

See you on the other side!

Until next time Internet,



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