Fangirl Friday- Doctor Who

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This week, I will be talking about Doctor Who. I was going to write this up after I watched the season finale but because I don’t have cable, I watched it several weeks after it aired so I felt like I missed the boat, but then the introduction of the 13th Doctor happened and I got a chance to talk about it here!

Firstly, I want to talk about this season so spoilers sweetie.

loved Bill. She’s great. She had that piece I think we’ve been missing in the last couple companions. She was just the chip girl. She wasn’t set up to save the Doctor, she wasn’t impossible, she was just a college student who worked in the cafeteria and served chips and she got dragged into this wonderful adventure. This is something that I’ve really missed in Moffat’s run as showrunner. This post will not get into all the other things I think Moffat ruined about the show but making the companion something that wasn’t just a shop girl, or a medical doctor on her rounds, or a temp, or whatever it was Micky was, and turning them into something else took something from the story for me. I wanted to feel like I can be the companion, and when that character is set up to save the Doctor somehow, it loses a bit of that feel. Bill brought it back, which was wonderful. She was great, not as great as Donna, but great.

The episodes that stand out are the 2 part finale, the one with the Roman soldiers and on where everything ends up being a simulation.

The simulation one was well crafted, something felt like something was off when the Pope wasn’t speaking English when the TARDIS was near by. At first, I was questioning why and then I figured someone forgot this plot point that’s been around since the start of the show because why not. As the episode ended it all starts to make sense and it’s very cool how it was done.

The Roman soldier one, the talk about the TARDIS translation thing where the Roman and Bill both say the other is speaking the language the other knows, reminding us that the TARDIS translates everyone so everyone can communicate. I liked the episode for more that just that, but that moment of remembering was cool.

The finale was great. The black hole thing, the weird guy who ended up being an old version of the Master before he went crazy at the end of 10’s run. The old extra scary Cybermen, there was a bit of Moffat from his early episodes before he took over. Not as creepy as Empty Child or Blink, but creepy.

loved how it ended with Mr. Filch appearing as the 1st Doctor. (I know this man has a real name and I know it’s David Bradley, but Mr. Filch.)


David Bradley

I’m so excited for Christmas. I liked David Bradley as the first Doctor in the 50th-anniversary movie Adventures in Space and Time. To be fair, I have never seen episodes with the first Doctor, but I’ve seen Mr. Bradley in several things that aren’t Harry Potter movies and I think he’s very talented and embraces the role well.

And this brings us to Jodie Whittaker the new Doctor.

Firstly, I’m excited.

I really loved 12 and I think he lacked for storylines, but I loved Peter Capaldi’s portrayal of the Doctor and I feel like he’s leaving too soon. I feel like he has more the do, but I have felt that way about 10 and 11 as well. (I wasn’t watching “live” with 9, but I think more than one season with 9 would have been great as well.)

It’s been established that Time Lords can change genders. Example:

The Doctor Falls

These are the same character.

Listen, the Doctor is an alien, and a fictional character who changes faces every 3 years. So stop saying the Doctor can’t be a lady because yeah-huh, and the Doctor is going to be a lady in a couple months.


In my opinion, each reincarnation of the Doctor “evolves” from the previous Doctor, at least in the new series. I have seen 3 whole episodes of the original series.

Nine is born of the war- which is why he’s dark and searches to save people

Ten is born of love for Rose- which is why he’s light a fun

Eleven is born of loss – which is why he’s silly and childlike

Twelve is born of the realization that it’s time to grow up

What will Thirteen be born of– we’ll see when we see her first couple episodes.

What I look forward to most is when Jodie Whittiker is at the end of this line of Doctors. My favorite part of Doctor Who is 1. when someone says “Doctor Who?” and 2. when all the Doctor’s pictures appear. I don’t think we’ve had that with 12, which means it better happen in the Christmas Special.

I’m so excited for what will happen with the show. We’re getting a new showrunner, a new Doctor, a new companion, and hopefully a new life with be put into the show.

Here’s to new adventures, with a Lady at the helm.

What do you think about Series 10? What about the new Doctor?

Until next time Internet


7 thoughts on “Fangirl Friday- Doctor Who

  1. I love Doctor Who! I’m a bit late on the season though, so I skimmed your post a bit.
    Also, I don’t get this new controversy about the Doctor being a woman now. Have we been watching different shows? Because this one is one of the most open-minded ones. There’s LGBT and diversity in every corner. So why is it a big deal? Ugh.
    Anyway, great post! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have no idea why it’s a big deal, but I have seen some very very angry people in some of the facebook groups I’m part of. Facebook discourse isn’t always the best. I think it’s great. I’m looking forward to seeing what she does. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. But they are mostly men? I have actually not seen ONE woman complain about it… Which is just ridiculous.
        I don’t think people would complain if the role was reversed (except for a few idiotic so-called “feminists”, who are usually no feminists at all), so why this? Oh well.


  2. You have no idea how your regen theory has helped me cope! I am finding myself becoming more excited about the new doctor!! I am glad we discussed it and I do agree that Capaldi is leaving too soon, but I am really looking forward to seeing what Jodie has to offer!! I love this show so much, and it does have a way of making us see that change is good and natural. ❤


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