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This week, it’s saying goodbye to something that was pretty amazing. Pretty Little Liars.

I try very hard to do keep my posts spoiler free, but if you haven’t watched the series finale, which aired on Tuesday in the US, I would proceed with caution for the rest of this post. I will be talking #Endgame and a little about the finale.

As with most good things in my life, I got into PLL through my friend Jen. When I went to visit her last year, we watched some Netflix, as she caught up on Supernatural, and that was sprinkled with a little bit of season 4 of PLL. I had read the first books, which I now know is approximately the first two seasons of the show, but at the time, I thought I knew who A was and although interested in the show, thought I knew the mystery. I did not.

I’m not sure why I didn’t get into the show as it was airing because it’s definitely such a Deanna show, but I didn’t; maybe because it was on ABC Family and then Freeform that it just didn’t cross my radar, but *shrug emoji*.

When I got home from my visit to Jen, I decided to watch the rest of the show and started at the beginning and watched all of it up to the end of season 5 in, like, 3 weeks. Then Jen and I watched season 6 on Itunes. By the time we were done with that, season 7A was starting so I fell right in.

Let me just say that this show is the most ridiculous. I love it, but it’s so silly. There is so much drama. It’s a great teengirl show, the cast is a group of talented people, but it’s ridiculous.

Firstly, you cannot take you high school English teacher to prom, Aria. Even if that teacher has now lost their job. No school would ever allow that. Also, stop dating your High school English teacher, you are 15 years old.

Secondly, 2.5 seasons of the show take place between Halloween and Christmas of their senior year of high school, which I think should be addressed, because a lot of stuff happens, and the seasons change like 45 times.

Anyway, I think that there were some real issues discussed and betrayed so beautifully in the show. Starting with Emily. Her character arc, her coming out story, was so well done. In 2010 when that arc was playing out, things were different. I think that having Emily’s coming out and the acceptance and love that her friends and family show her and that fact that nothing changed in anyone’s relationship was huge. I can’t even begin to imagine what kind of an impact that could have had on the young people who watched this show.

The other big thing was bullying. I think that the show showed online bullying and clique fighting in an interesting way. Ally, especially first 5 seasons Ally, was a terrible person. I think that each of the girls realized this in their own way. Maybe not Emily, but the other girls did. Although that’s not really how it was shown in the show, I think that might have had an impact on way Ally disappeared at the beginning of the show. She was trying to insert that control over her friends before she lost all of it. Mirroring that in the series finale, with Addison, showing this girl who is so much like Ally was trying to manipulate adult throughout the last season was a great way to show just how obnoxious teenage Ally was from a more adult point of view.

I think the characters on the show, so wonderfully portrayed by the actors on the show, and so well written by Sara Shepard in the books, show different demographics of people. The mean girl, the smart one, the sporty one, the fashionable one, the artsy one, the ditzy one, and on and on many of these traits shown in more than one girl (Even the moms, oh do I love the moms show these different qualities and personality traits) Yet they are all friends and stay friends despite their differences. Yes, they do have this crazy person threatening to kill them that keeps them close, but they are friends, and their bond is what helps them figure it out and fight back against A and AD and all the other threats over and over.

Female friendship is one of those things in media that for whatever reason is always shown as catty and like the characters are never really friends. The Liars show a different side of that. Yes, there is drama and cattiness and in fighting, but at the end of the day, (episode, season, series) the girls are there for each other, would do anything for each other, love each other.

When it comes to the characters that I related to most, I am torn in many directions. There is something in me that looks at hopeful, optimistic Aria and falls in love with her every episode, but there is also something about smart and quick witted Spencer that draws me to her. I think that was a strong point of the show, the way each character makes you feel something. I watched Hanna grow, and I rooted for every step she took. I wanted Emily to succeed, I wanted Mona to get better. I wanted Paige to drown in the pool.

I rooted for the ships. Even Aria and Ezra even though you can’t take your high school English teacher to prom. Also, the Christmas episode with the Santa underwear scene is super inappropriate because you are their teacher, Ezra. It really doesn’t matter that he’s a young teacher it’s so weird and kind of creepy. Maybe because I’m 30 watching this show and my flashers of “Omg no!” Kept going off. It’s so weird. Please don’t date your teachers while you’re in high school. But in the jump, I rooted for it. (I mean, I always rooted for it because it was cute, but it still gave me weird feelings. And I was kind of hoping Ezra would fall off the ski lift and die when Aria discovered his creepy plan with the book and his alternative motives but *shrug emoji*)

I loved Hanna and Caleb, and Toby and Spencer, I hated Emily and Paige because I hate Paige and Emily can do so much better than Paige (and Ally. Emily, deserved way better but whatever).

Overall, I found the Pretty Little Liars finale satisfying. I wasn’t as emotional as I would have been if I had been glued to the TV every Tuesday for 7 years or had gotten into the show more than a year and a half ago, but I found the ending satisfying. It had everything that’s needed to put a period at the end. The loose strings were tied in a bow, but not in a super cheese way. Including the very important “How did the moms get out that basement” plot point that was never brought up again after it happened. I could literally write a whole other post just about the PPL moms. They are so great.

The two-hour finale had all the drama and twists that we have come to expect from the show. I enjoyed every last moment of it.

TV is less rich without Pretty Little Liars. Their depiction of female friendship and female characters leaves a whole in television now that it’s gone. Here’s to hoping that somewhere that slack is picked up. Because we need strong independent girls being friends with other strong independent girls on our screens.

2 thoughts on “Fierce Fangirl Friday! PLL

  1. YAY for participating in my meme again! It always makes me so happy to see ❤

    And I stopped watching PLL a while ago because I grew bored of the storyline and I felt like the same things kept happening over and over again and they still didn't discover who A was! But I still love what you said about the show and how it addressed very important topics in such a great way that people can learn from!

    And I totally agree with the Aria and Ezra storyline like WHO WOULD DATE THEIR HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER OR TAKE THEM TO PROM LIKE NO. THIS IS WRONG!!! I was never really the biggest fan of them because of that and I'd have loved if Ezra fell off that ski lift hahaha XD)

    Wonderful post! And I'm glad you liked the finale! 🙂

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