Top 5 Wednesday: Authors you want more of

Top 5 Wednesday is currently being hosted by Sam at ThoughtsOnTomes. If you want to learn more about the group or are considering joining in, check out the Goodreads group. Each week has a different topic, and you just post five books that fit that topic.

This week’s topic is authors you would love to have more to read from. This was a tough one, I mean, there are so many great authors, so many amazing authors with only one book that I can’t wait to see what comes next. But I shaved it down to essentially my instant-buy authors that I anxiously await their next release.

16830632_669861920978_8152925717903566850_nMaureen Johnson: this surprised zero people, I am sure. She’s written the books in my featured image for most of my blog posts, and she is my favorite author/ person. Her next book which is a new series called Truly Devious comes out later this year or possibly early 2018, and that is not soon enough. I’m looking forward to the next installment in her Shades of London series. If you haven’t picked up a Maureen Johnson book, you should know that Lin-Manuel Miranda posted a picture of himself reading The Name of the Star. So… That is a recommendation.


Lauren Myracle: I have read one and a half books of her’s, and I just love how she writes. I was introduced to her through her third of Let it, Snow which she wrote alongside Maureen Johnson and some other author, Her book Shine was so brilliant and heartbreaking, I just fell hardcore in love. The book I’m currently reading, The Infinite Moment of Us, so far is beautiful. I know she has a bunch of books out there so of them I’m not exactly into judging from the blurbs, but I will be keeping my eye out for more from her in the future.



Megan McCafferty: So I may have mentioned this before, but I love Megan McCafferty. Her Jessica Darling series is drive across Maine in a snowstorm to get the next book and stay up all night to finish it good (That’s a true story). She’s just such a wonderful writer. I look forward to more from her, I can’t wait to see what’s next.





Gayle Forman: She is something fantastic. I have loved all 5 of the books that I’ve read of her’s, and I cannot wait until she has more. She wrote Survivor’s guilt in I Was Here in the most beautiful honest way I have seen it portrayed. And the way she writes love stories, oh man. They are love stories that are so much deeper than many YA romance writers go. Powerful Writing.




I remembered that name of that third author of Let it, Snow! It’s John Green1406384

So, as I’ve said before, I’ve been a nerdfighter since 2008. I watched all the Brotherhood 2.0 videos before I picked up a John Green novel and reading his books, for me, are like reading the books of a good friend. I don’t know how to explain it. Anyway, I have lovehis books. All of them. He’s talked on the Dear Hank and John podcast about the difficulty of writing new books after the success of The Fault in Our Stars, but I am hoping for new material soon. It’s just really fantastic writing, and I much enjoy it.


And those are my choices. I mean this could be a list of 900 authors, but that rule is 5, so here we are.

What Authors do you want more of?

Until next time Internet,


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