Calendar Girls- Best novel with an active war

Welcome to the third month of the reading/blogging event Flavia and Melanie are hosting, Calendar Girls! It’s a monthly event designed to ignite bookish discussions between bloggers based on the monthly theme. For more information, check out Melanie or Flavia’s launch posts!

This month we are discussing novels with an active war.

There are a lot of books about war. Being very interested in especially the political atmosphere the revolutionary war, I have read so many non-fiction and fiction books about it. Shout to the middle school treasure Johnny Tremain, who was fictionally employed by Paul Revere, that sparked this in me. Paul Revere, in case you are unfamiliar with him, was the man who did not travel across Massachuttes warning about the British. His name is just easier to rhyme with things.

However, my vote for best novel with an active war is The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.



This book is beautifully tragic, it is written through the voice of Death and their interaction with a German girl during World War II. This young girl, Liesel, does her best to survive in a world where nothing seems like it can last long. The people she is living with are hiding a Jewish man in their basement, and she has to grabble with the semantics of wanted to be loyal to German and her foster parents and knowing that if anyone finds out, they will all mostly die. Liesel does what she can to make herself feel as normal as possible, she steals books and hides them as she watches libraries burn in the street.

This book is beautiful and shows the human side, the young kid human side, Liesel is in her early teens if I’m remembering it correctly, of this war. It’s deeply emotional and definitely one of the best books of the 21st century so far.

Have you read The Book Thief? What were your feelings about it?

How about you? What is your pick for the best novel about war?

Until next time internet,


6 thoughts on “Calendar Girls- Best novel with an active war

  1. I literally just picked up a copy of this the other day, so I’m so glad that you chose this for your pick because now I’m super excited to read it!! The setting of World War II is so tragic itself, and with Death involved, you know it’s going to be an intense book. Fantastic choice, and you definitely made me excited for my recent purchase. XD

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  2. I love that you picked this book for being the best book with an active war and someone picked this last month for having the best romance. It’s amazing how two such contradicting things can be rolled into one book and still be done so well. And while I haven’t read this book yet, I keep seeing it in the used section at the bookstore. I’ve been awfully tempted, but have passed it over. I only get to pick and choose which books I pick up until I actually start reading them. :p But I am definitely gonna have to keep this at the top of my TBR! Someday! Someday I will read you! Haha!

    Great choice and thanks for participating again this month! ^.^

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