Calendar Girls: February 2017

I stumbled into a pretty cool thing today, and I was asked if I would like to participate in it and I said “yes please.” So here we are with my February 2017 post as part of the Calendar Girls.

Calendar Girls is a brand new monthly blog event inspired by Neil Sedaka’s 1961 song Calendar Girl. Just like in the song, we decided to use a specific theme for each month and choose a book based on these themes! The event is meant to incite discussions with other bloggers about books we’ve read and loved, is meant to help bloggers meet other bloggers, and also for bloggers and readers to find out about blogs which they normally may not have come across!

This event is hosted by Flavia the Bibliophile and Melanie Noell Bernard. Both of these links go to the launch posts for this event if you would like to learn more.

Now without further rambling, my choice:


in my opinion


As I look over at my bookshelf that is in desperate need of a makeover, I see several shelves full of YA romance novels.  Sarah Dessen, John Green, Rainbow Rowell, Stephine Perkins– I would not call myself an expert but the subject, but I have been known to reading a lot of them. This was not an easy decision to make.

I thought back to books that centered around teenage love that stuck with me, and I landed on Gayle Forman’s Just One Day and Just One Year

These are the love stories of Willem and Allyson. They meet by chance while Allyson– a girl who has done nothing spontaneous in her life– is on a school trip to England. Allyson’s best friend convinces her to skip the scheduled trip to see Hamlet and to go see a Shakespeare in the park style performance because a cute boy asked them to. Allyson thinks they will never see each other again, but her friend convinces her to go on a trip to Paris on their last day in Europe and on the train they see Willem. Allyson and Willem spend an amazing day together, and when Allyson wakes up the next morning in a weird apartment they broke into, Willem is gone.

We are then taken on a journey of the next year of Allyson’s life as she tries her damnedest to find out what happened to Willem.

The sequel is Willem’s story as he searches for LuLu, which is what he calls Allyson.

This is a story that brings two people from very different background, socially, financially, emotionally, and all the other sorts of ways people can be different and having them fill in each other’s holes. At first, I was a little “get over it, it was one night” when reading Allyson’s story but the more I thought about it– and after reading the second book where Willem essentially has the same gut reaction to Allyson as she does to him– the story grew for me.

When I was thinking about which story to chose, the first thing that popped into my head was the ending of both of these books. There is something about them that has stuck with me years after reading them. I have gotten that with all of the Gayle Forman books I have read, but these two, Allyson and Willem have that perfect combination of could be real and fairytale adventure that makes their love story a great one.

And that is my choice for best YA romance. Do you have one? Let me know! I would love to hear what you think.

Until next time Internet,



7 thoughts on “Calendar Girls: February 2017

  1. AH! Gayle Foreman! I haven’t read these books, but I did read If I Stay and Where She Went (I liked the first book better), but they were both amazing books! I imagine these two are amazing, too! And I’m happy to see someone promote these. I’ll have to pick them up and read them sometime!

    Thanks for joining Calendar Girls! We’re happy to have you! ^.^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was originally going to do Adam and Mia from If I Stay, but the more I thought about it, the more I felt Allyson and Willem fit the category better. Thank you for inviting me to join, I look forward to next month!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah. I’m not sure if I would have picked Adam and Mia, myself. I mean, I love that book, but I loved it more for Mia and the connection I felt to her than her relationship with Adam. Still, an awesome choice!

        Yay! Can’t wait to see you next month! And make sure to sign up for our newsletter for a reminder towards the end of the month! ^.^


  2. I sadly haven’t read this one either, but you definitely made it sound quite good. I think it’s fascinating that it stayed with you long after – because those are the books I’ve been dying to read lately and haven’t found any. It’s super interesting that she made two stories that centered around the same time frame but were so different and helped move the story along. I could see where some good romance could come from there. Great choice, and I might have to pick these up soon!


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